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The New Thinking Series: How private corporations stole the sea

Episode Summary

The first episode of the New Thinking Series: "How private corporations stole the sea," presented by Guy Standing, Professor of Development Studies, SOAS.

Episode Notes

For most of human history, the oceans have been seen as a global commons, which belong to us all. But our seas are now being ravaged by exploitation for corporate profit, resulting in a social, economic and ecological crisis that threatens the life support system of Earth.  

Guy Standing’s book, ‘The Blue Commons’, argues the only way forward is to revive the ethos of the sea as a commons, managed for the benefit of all, by those whose lives and wellbeing depend on it. Featuring contributions from John McDonnell, Economist Ann Pettifor, Caroline Lucas MP, Beth Winter MP and Ian Byrne MP


Guy Standing  is a British labour economist, professor of development studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London, and a co-founder of the Basic Income Earth Network. 

The New Thinking Series is a series of discussions in the House of Commons, which present innovative ideas to shake up the status quo.